Storelectric Ltd

Truly grid-scale energy storage




Storelectric Ltd is developing an innovative form of Compressed Air

Energy Storage (CAES) using the salt caverns in Cheshire as a means

of storing huge amounts of energy in a clean and efficient manner.

Our Mission


Storelectric Ltd was established in 2013 to develop an innovative and highly efficient form of Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) at a truly grid scale. We will store national grid energy in the safest and most efficient way possible to make sure there is no risk of ruptures and harm to local citizens.


Storelectric aims to:

  • Make most renewable energy generation profitable without subsidy;
  • Improve the environmental performance and profitability of thermal power stations;
  • Evolve power generation to about 50% each of baseload and renewables;
  • Reduce the grid reinforcement required to cope with both renewables and thermal generation;
  • Use entirely environmentally friendly and intrinsically safe technologies;
  • Reduce the footprint of the power system, with most volume being underground.


Storelectric Ltd has an experienced team dedicated to bringing this to life. To find out more about us, please click here.

Using existing technology...


Many CAES systems already exist around the world such as in Huntorf, Germany and MacIntosh, Alabama, USA. These have been proven to store energy efficiently and cost-effectively, but regenerate their electricity through gas-fired power stations. As a result, the best efficiency that they have yet achieved is 54%.


We have both innovated and simplified the process, and sought out existing technologies with which to embody it. Our partners have analysed our processes, identified specific proven equipment and designs that will deliver it, and corroborated efficiencies of 62.3% for a 40MW plant, expected to be 68-70% efficient when scaled up to a full 500MW, 21GWh. Our technologies can be explored more here.

... the safest and most environmentally friendly way


Storelectric's compressed air energy storage is 100% renewable for peak smoothing, in contrast with natural gas assisted systems such as Huntorf and MacIntosh. The fluids that we use are all benign. Salt caverns are hundreds of metres underground, and safe enough to store natural gas around the world - and we're storing air in them.


This makes our system:

The world's biggest battery, consisting:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Equipment and
  • Electricity


Not only can Storelectric's CAES potentially make most renewable generation technologies profitable without subsidy, but also it can increase the profitability and environmental performance of thermal - and even nuclear - power generation.

Project of Common Interest

Technical Approval


The European Commission's ENTSO-E body has given technical approval to Storelectric as a Project of Common Interest, meaning that our storage is important at a continental scale.


Full approval only requires a grid study and passing a threshold assets value.

Support from World-Leading Businesses


Storelectric has received outstanding support from world-leading businesses who have helped develop the technology and the business to where we are today, and who wish to be part of the development and world-wide roll-out of our CAES installations.


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