European Project of Common Interest

Every two years the EU updates its Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP), on which it consults. This consultation period is open now. It would greatly benefit us if you could provide them with some feedback supportive of our two projects, which are:

1022 CARES
1x40MW + 1x500MW TES CAES plants, each 5 hours’ duration, 62.5% and 67% round trip efficiency respectively, zero emissions
1023 Cheshire Gas CAES
1x300MW +/-20% CCGT CAES plant, 5 hours’ duration, ~60% round trip efficiency, retro-fittable to power stations, ~50% of power station emissions
Both of these projects are already accepted in the TYNDP, and have now been put forward as candidate PCIs. This candidacy would be greatly helped by the support of third parties, which in turn makes EU funding more likely and would speed the roll-out of our technologies. Could you please do so?
But what of Brexit, you may ask?
The current CEF funding application will be supported by the government if approved (which is likely), according to Treasury and BEIS guarantees;
A transition period would enable us to apply for Works (construction) funding for our 40MW TES CAES plant and for Study (pre-construction) funding for our CCGT CAES plant;
Acceptance in this TYNDP and PCI list would facilitate acceptance of future projects in mainland Europe that use these technologies.

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