A unique investment opportunity
in Green & Hydrogen Energy Storage

Storelectric is an EIS-Qualified developer of Green Energy projects & technologies

Facilitating the growing Hydrogen economy with cost-effective Hydrogen production and storage, and enabling renewables to power the grid with long-duration, large-scale energy storage.

Making Green Energy reliable and commercially viable.

We’re raising a round of growth finance to bring our patented Hydrogen and Green Energy storage technologies to the world.

Limited opportunities are available for qualifying investors to be involved in this supercharged Hydrogen and Green Energy market. Speak to our investment team today.

Invest in Hydrogen and Green Energy today

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Green Energy
needs to power the future.
But it’s not there yet.

Green Energy needs to power the future.
But it’s not there yet.

Producing Hydrogen comes at great cost, with many logistical stumbling blocks around storing and transporting it.

Additionally, the ebbs and flows of Renewable Energy production are in no way related to the ebbs and flows of energy demands from the grid.

Green energy is either intermittent and unreliable, or too costly.


Storelectric’s Green Energy technologies
make Green Energy viable.

We pioneer, adopt and develop cutting-edge low-carbon technologies which support the growing hydrogen economy,  enable renewables to power the grid, and provide energy independence to sovereign nations.

Our technologies utilise underground salt caverns for large-scale long-duration green energy storage, integrating them with renewable energy generation, CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage), electrolysis, and fuel synthesis – supporting both electricity and gas grids, and interconnectors.

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A lucrative yet ethical investment,
Energy Storage is THE market to invest in right now.

Why invest in Storelectric?

Storelectric is at the forefront of the renewable energy transition. With a pipeline of UK and international projects pending in conjunction with several corporate partners, Storelectric is set to increase in value exponentially over the coming years.


Purchase shares in Storelectric. Our in-house Investor Relations team are currently talking with qualifying investors. They are committed to offering the very best service, answering any questions you have and ensuring a smooth, nonintrusive purchase process. 

Institutional Investors

We are currently in the process of vetting various established institutional funders for project finance with partial ownership of each project SPV. Please contact our Investor Relations team in the first instance.


The time is now. The share price will increase in step with each milestone reached. Buy now before we reach another one!


Either an IPO in 2023 or Buyout from one of our strategic partners. Either way, a healthy return is achievable.

Storelectric are first movers in a multi-$trillion global market which is currently largely unaddressed.

Request more information and see how you can be part of the transition to a greener future.


Should individuals utilise Storelectric Limited’s Research and Analysis in order to shape their investment strategy, they should be aware of the following: Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. The price of assets can go down as well as up and may be affected by many variables such as changes in rates of exchange and interest rates. An investor may not get back the amount invested. An investor may not receive any income distributions such as dividends. The investment opportunities may be illiquid and may involve long term investment horizons. Often 100% of your capital is at risk and tax treatment may vary.

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