October News

The UK Net Zero Strategy

The British government has published its Net Zero strategy, following much consultation. It’s a generally excellent, wide-ranging and integrated strategy. It is a good start and covers all the major elements of decarbonisation; however some objectives are insufficient, some unachievable (but there are viable alternative to those) and there are some omissions. We look forward to it being fleshed out with how to achieve these many laudable aims, and to regulatory / contractual systems and financial incentives being changed to enable and encourage them: doing so would enable them to be achieved and exceeded with private finance; not doing so will mean that they need prohibitively expensive subsidies and other support.

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National Grid’s Winter Outlook 2021-22

National Grid’s Winter Outlook Report claims a supply margin of 3-9% depending on scenario, and claims to have accommodated worst-case scenarios. Our analysis differs: they have not considered reasonable worst-case scenarios and are planning on a wafer-thin supply margin, about one-third of other European System Operators’ margins. Stripping these effects out yields a deficit of 19.1 GW, or 30% of {peak demand plus supply margin}. Please see the attached analysis.

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Podcast on Flexibility Services

Following last month’s panel event on “Markets and policies for future flexibility needs” hosted by Charles River Associates, they interviewed Mark about the flexibility and other challenges of the energy transition. This podcast is here.

Thought Leadership Blog

As you will be aware, Storelectric has a patent on using the heat of compression to catalyse hydrogen. The government is consulting on a fund to finance innovation in hydrogen, so this month’s blog is Mark’s thoughts on the priorities for hydrogen R&D.

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