September Newsletter


Although project development is more curtailed in this Covid environment, and some investors are focused on delivering already-invested businesses, nevertheless we continue to pursue lease options and project financing. While we can’t at this stage go into any detail, Storelectric is seeing strong signs of investor interest in building a first plant, both in the UK and beyond; the “beyond” planning to build a first in the UK and follow-on plants in their own country before global rollout. At the same time, a number of companies are discussing sites on which to build both first and follow-on plants, mainly in the UK and America.

Distributed ReStart: There Is a Better Way

National Grid has published their first report into Distributed ReStart, in which they consider the challenges and opportunities of Black Start operations using distributed generation and storage resources, in the absence of sufficient grid-connected power stations. The result would be phenomenally more costly and complex than investing in our storage plants. See the analysis here.

Thought Leadership Blog

Issues with Ever-Shortening Contract Durations
National Grid is forging ahead with implementation of Europe’s Clean Energy Package. However this is driving the grid ever further down an unsustainable path to an aging and inadequate grid. In his blog article “Issues with Ever-Shortening Contract Durations” Mark considers the principal reasons and offers alternatives.

To read the blog please click here.

Another Award

Storelectric continues its growth in international recognition with another award: Energy CIO Insights – Top 10 Energy Tech Solutions Providers, 2020.

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