Symposium Overview

To move beyond a think tank role we are anxious to develop a generic model for hybrid energy storage systems based on the location identified in the symposium and resolve the specific series of energy storage challenges and opportunities for that region. It would also identify the generic, transferable opportunities afforded by the hybrid energy storage model in response to the rising level of renewable energy penetration in many cases without subsidies.
‘The symposium focused on Ayrshire due to its dense cluster of wind farms as an exemplar of the core paradigm: cluster energy storage for multiple renewable energy stakeholders and the part conversion of variable renewable energy (VRE) sources to base load power by supply side aggregation.
The proposed stakeholder group is provisionally divided into two sub groups:
(i) data referents who would provide data input for
(ii) the technical collaborators/consultants who would commit resources to the development programme.
This technical resource group would later be requested to advise the figure required to be received from grant funding for a 6-9 month study.

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