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Green Energy Technology

We're facilitating the growing hydrogen economy with cost-effective hydrogen production and storage. We enable renewables to power the grid with long-duration, large-scale electricity storage.

Our technology makes green energy reliable and commercially viable.

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Green energy needs to power the future.
But it’s not there yet.

Green energy needs to power the future.
But it’s not there yet.

Producing hydrogen comes at great cost, and there are many logistical stumbling blocks around storing and transporting it.

Additionally, the ebbs and flows of renewable energy production are in no way related to the ebbs and flows of energy demands from the grid.

Green energy is either intermittent and unreliable or the technology is too costly.


Storelectric’s technologies
make Green Energy viable.

We pioneer, adopt and develop cutting-edge low-carbon technologies which support the growing hydrogen economy, enable renewables to power the grid, and provide energy independence to sovereign nations.

Our projects and technologies utilise underground salt caverns for large-scale long-duration electricity storage. They integrate them with renewable energy generation, CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage), electrolysis, and fuel synthesis – supporting both electricity and gas grids, and interconnectors.

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“This is the first viable solution we’ve seen that’s on the same scale as the problem.”

— PwC

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