As a world-class leader in green energy technology, our solutions generate hydrogen and provide large-scale, long-duration hydrogen and electricity storage.

Our technology and projects can make the energy transition affordable, reliable and resilient, and assure energy security.


Natural resources such as wind and solar are unpredictable, only generating electricity when nature’s conditions allow, not when we want. And without suitable energy storage, when there is excess energy, it’s wasted.

As renewables account for more electricity in the grid, demand is rising for large-scale, long-duration electricity and hydrogen storage with high efficiency, stability, and better cost-effectiveness than alternative electricity storage solutions such as pumped hydro and batteries.

Geological storage is the only viable solution to the energy storage problem at the scale needed.

Hydrogen has emerged as an important part of the clean energy mix needed to ensure our future is sustainable. Our hydrogen patent and integrated projects have the power to drive the energy transition away from polluting fossil fuels and towards green energy technology.

“We view Storelectric’s solution as a game changer that has the potential to speed up the energy transition.”

— NAM 70 Challenge