About storelectric

Where did Storelectric start?

As he ran along the River Ribble one day, Jeff, our founder, noticed the massive daily fluctuations in the river’s water levels and the untapped energy potential this represented.

Jeff was struck by the disconnect between the abundance of unused natural energy and the need for cost effective, clean energy sources. Although natural energy sources generate a lot of power, the primary obstacle in transitioning to a renewable-powered grid is energy intermittency. This realisation sparked the idea of harnessing, storing, and redistributing latent natural energy, laying the foundation for Storelectric LTD.

Jeff amassed a team of industry experts, each as passionate as the next about the potential for harnessing and storing latent renewable energy, and so Storelectric was born.

Our big idea

From those initial ripples of an idea, followed great waves of innovation. Storelectric’s focus quickly turned to the proven yet largely unrealised potential of geological long-duration energy storage. 

Geological storage in salt caverns via Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) is proven technology; both Germany and the United States had long running, successful CAES plants that store surplus energy and distribute it into the grid during energy deficits. 

Storelectric innovated and enhanced this pre-existing model; our patent uses the heat of compression from CAES to increase efficiency, and catalyse electrolysis for hydrogen production. 

Our Mission and Future

Storelectric’s mission is to develop energy technology that powers the transition to a greener future.

By integrating renewables, hydrogen production, and long-duration energy storage, we envision a world powered securely by renewables.

Having now attained patents in the UK, EU, and USA for our proprietary technology, we have put roots down in Teesside, one of the UKs designated ‘Hydrogen Hubs’.

Our proximity to key industry players in the region creates unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange and will enable us to help accelerate Teesside’s transition towards decarbonisation.

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