Earth Day 2024: Energy Storage the Missing Link to Green Future

Art piece representing the puzzle pieces of the energy transition

Our planet is in the midst of a climate crisis. We have a desperate need for the implementation of innovative technology to enable secure, renewable power. These clean energy solutions exist, have been proven to work, and are the missing link in the crucial effort to save our planet.

The global energy transition is happening, but significant challenges remain. Scaling up renewable technologies is expensive, making widespread adoption difficult. Public support is key to effecting meaningful change, which is why government-led education on renewable power is essential. This would help build backing for the large-scale infrastructure changes required for a successful energy transition.

To create a greener future, we must recognise the importance of a diverse mix of energy technologies tailored to different sectors. For example, the transition in heavy industry will vary from that in national transport, and neither will mirror changes in domestic power. A comprehensive approach that combines a range of specialised renewable energy technologies is crucial for a secure, decarbonised future.

Why do we need energy storage?

Wind and solar power are promising renewable sources, but these sources are intermittent as they rely on weather conditions. Hydrogen is another option as a zero-emission fuel, offering a clean alternative for the future energy mix. Despite its potential, current hydrogen storage capacity is limited and expensive, highlighting infrastructure issues that prevent a fully renewable-powered grid.

Long-duration energy storage offers a solution to this challenge. Underground storage can support a cost-effective hydrogen economy and enable a fully renewable-powered grid. Storing renewable energy on a large scale and ensuring its availability year-round is the missing link in the renewable energy puzzle.

Storelectric’s technology tackles the technical challenges of renewable intermittency, providing cost-effective energy storage solutions that allow renewables to compete with traditional fossil fuels. Through efficient thermal energy management, Storelectric reduces overall costs and as well as integrates green hydrogen production. This economic efficiency benefits both energy providers and consumers, but most importantly, the planet.

Climate change poses an existential threat to our planet. The energy transition is absolutely essential. Energy storage is the missing piece in this transition, providing a pathway towards decarbonisation, cost-effective renewable power, and a secure future for our planet.

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