World Energy Forum

World Energy Forum

We are really happy to announce that our MD Tallat Azad has been invited to speak at the World Energy Forum.
World Energy Forum is the world’s premier platform for energy leadership, providing a transnational platform for world leaders and experts to facilitate sustainable solutions to global energy issues.
World Energy Forum represents the interests of business and governments of every size and region to promote strategic relationships and translate ideas into a global marketplace. Access to modern energy services and water are essential for economic, social and human development worldwide. World Energy Forum’s campaign of “energy for all” leads in the areas of policy, technology and finance to enhance the global economy, create a sustainable future, and deliver the hopes and aspirations of all nations and peoples.
The following is a copy of the letter to Tallat from Dr. Harold Hyun Suk Oh President
As you may be aware, World Energy Forum is a global gathering of thought leaders from governments and corporations, as well as research and academic institutions to deliberate on innovations and advancement in energy and environment, and humanity’s sustainable future. All nations and peoples are invited to participate.
This WEF2018 session is centered on renewable energy, environment, and sustainability, and part of this covers the very important topic of Advanced Energy Storage Technologies. There is and has been a growing consensus that without effective methods to store large quantities of energy for use on demand there would be problems in creating a resilient energy infrastructure and bringing cost savings to utilities and consumers. This session will explore the advancement of energy storage technology.
The event is co-hosted by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People’s government. Thanks to the generosity of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People’s Government, there will not be any registration fee to this world event.
I understand Storelectric Ltd. is developing new advanced and large scale compressed air energy storage technologies and you have been highly recommended as an expert in your field. As well as being an expert advocate for your own company, you have also a very good understanding how other companies are approaching the topic of energy storage, the regulatory issues behind this and some of the challenges this new asset class faces.
I would therefore like to extend an exclusive personal invitation for you to present in this session including participation on the expert panel Q&A that accompanies it.
Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Harold Hyun Suk Oh President
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