January/February Newsletter

Partner Development

We have signed two further collaboration agreements with Arup and Edinburgh University, to add to those with KBB DEEP and ERM, all with a view to working together on developing new locations in our project pipeline. This gives us excellent coverage of project development needs, including engineering, geotechnical, planning and environmental matters. We have already received a considerable amount of help from them relating to 3 sites.

We are in discussions at regional board and senior technical / commercial levels with a leading global equipment manufacturer with a view to collaboration and possible investment. We are hopeful of a positive result in the next few months, when we’ll be in a position to name them.

Overseas Interest

Following various initiatives, conferences and the European Utilities Week / PowerGen exhibition, we are in initial discussions regarding sites and related financing in:

  • Middle East
  • Hungary
  • Turkey
  • Morocco

We also have an exciting prospect in New Mexico, USA, for which we are in the process of entering an NDA.

When Paris Agreement was signed, the Netherlands had lower emissions per head than many because of its gas-based generation system. However this means that the Dutch energy transition is at an early stage, and the government there is seeking an understanding of the support that they need to give to it. We approached them for support, to which they replied that while they don’t have any suitable instruments at present, our input was just what they needed in order to formulate the instruments that they require. This may transform the business case that was anlysed with NAM.

Synergies with Renewable Generation

The proposal for the Netherlands was based on the synergies that we offer renewable generation (see article). This can substantially reduce the cost of the 8GW offshore wind farms that they are currently seeking to build, and especially the cost of grid reinforcement to accept them, while improving the economics of both wind farms and storage. All other business case analyses have been done for stand-alone plants; a case based on such synergies would be much more profitable for all parties.

Presenting to the Energy Industries Council (EIC)

Mark recently presented the need for large-scale long-duration storage to the EIC, and how it complements other technologies such as batteries and demand response, before outlining Storelectric’s technologies and how they would help.

Making the Energy Transition Affordable

Energy Storage News recently published an article on how Storelectric’s technologies make the energy transition affordable, reducing costs for all parties in the energy transition: generators, grid service / network operators and, ultimately, consumers. Greater affordability means that it’s more likely and less disruptive to succeed in the energy transition to zero-carbon grids, and therefore more likely and less disruptive for countries to achieve climate change targets.

Recent Press Activity

We have just had an article published in Energy Storage News, link below. It is entitled “Long duration CAES and the affordable energy transition” and it’s already getting some great attention.

To read the full article please click here.

Thought Leadership Blog

Grid-scale electricity storage using an innovative form of Compressed Air Energy Storage.

When discussing adiabatic CAES, such as that proposed by Storelectric, it is frequently confused with isothermal CAES such as that proposed by Lightsail, SustainX and General Compression. In fact, the two are fundamentally different.

To read the blog please click here.

Press enquiries

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