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April Newsletter

Headlines 1. Letter of Intent from Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) 2. Coronavirus Comment 3. Paul Davies moves on 4. Discussions with SSE

March Newsletter

Headlines 1. Piclo Contracts - Winning Bid 2. European Union 3. Two more awards

Headlines 1. Partner Development 2. Overseas Interest 3. Synergies with Renewable Generation 4. Presenting to the Energy Industries Council (EIC) 5. Making the Energy Transition Affordable 6. Recent Press Activity

December Newsletter

Headlines 1. Hello Tomorrow's Global Summit 2. Energy Systems Catapult launches Storage and Flexibility Model (SFM) 3. Recent Press Activity 4. Conferences and Exhibitions

Index Contents Introduction 1 Batteries and DSR on 9th August 2 Interconnectors’ Response 3 The Future of Interconnectors 3 Need for Back-up

On the surface, various aspects of the market are giving conflicting signals: batteries have piled into the Frequency Response market, collapsing its


As we have explained in our previous e-shot, we have been holding workshops with several key collaborators, with senior people in each

This analysis builds on the improvements of the 2017 analysis, and is the best FES that National Grid have produced, incorporating many

Given the current postponement of Brexit until (appropriately???) Halloween (31st October), the following is Storelectric’s current understanding of the impacts of Brexit

Let me start by saying there is a lot happening and for that reason apologies for the delay in sending this out. We