Storelectric at Angola’s ‘Green Card: Clean Energy’ Conference

On 25th April 2024, Storelectric’s Director Tallat Azad and Head of Technology Simon Maycock took the stage at the International ‘Green Card: Clean Energy’ Conference in Luanda, Angola.

This event, sponsored by the Angola Ministry of Environment and the UN Environment Programme, focused on promoting renewable and clean energy initiatives in Angola to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

The conference opened with traditional Angolan dancing and music. This vibrantly showcased the country’s rich heritage and underlined the importance of protecting it through sustainable energy practices. Storelectric received an invitation to present our innovative energy storage technologies, emphasising the potential for geological energy storage in Angola. This approach leverages the country’s natural resources to advance sustainable energy solutions and foster economic growth.

Traditional Angolan dance performance to launch the International 'Green Card: Clean Energy' Conference

Storelectric received a formal invitation to the conference to participate as industry experts. The presentations given by Tallat and Simon were in collaboration with TSWINA SOLUTIONS and Nzolani Renewable. Representatives from these companies also attended the event, highlighting their joint commitment to sustainable energy development in Angola.

Tallat and Simon had productive discussions with key figures, such as Denise E. Antonio, Resident Representative for the UN’s development agency, and Her Excellency, the Minister of the Environment, Paula de Carvalho. The event emphasised the promising role of green hydrogen in facilitating Angola’s energy transition, promoting both environmental innovation and job creation.

Tallat and Simon discussing climate initiatives with Angola’s UNDP Resident Representative at the International 'Green Card: Clean Energy' Conference

Storelectric’s participation in the conference showcased the potential for international collaboration in advancing clean energy initiatives in Angola and globally. The event concluded by underscoring the importance of cutting-edge energy technology for Angola’s energy transition. This event emphasised the value of cross-industry partnerships in enabling renewable power, as Storelectric continues to support Angola’s energy goals whilst reiterating the global need for economically viable energy storage solutions.

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