Storelectric’s Prospects in Uzbekistan

Storelectric’s growing relationship with Uzbekistan

Storelectric’s prospects in Uzbekistan are continuing to develop. Uzbekistan has shown considerable interest in Storelectric’s capacity to aid their energy transition and help them build a green future. This has facilitated connections between Storelectric and a number of influential contacts, for example the Uzbek Foreign Minister. Storelectric were also invited to interview on Uzbek national news.

Following a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Energy, Akmal Jumanazarov, Storelectric has been invited to tender for Uzbekistan’s next clean energy storage project.  We also will tabel any further proposals directly to the ministry. This represents a significant business development in a new and expanding #renewableenergy market. Uzbekistan’s energy sector is currently undergoing a large-scale transition towards renewables. The government’s agenda is to transition to a #green economy and promote decarbonisation of the energy sector. The country is therefore actively exploring #energystorage opportunities and renewable #energy projects. This is evident from the World Bank’s approval of $12 million in financing support for Uzbekistan’s Scaling Solar 2 Project.

Neil Moulding, Investor Relations, further strengthened this relationship by meeting with Saidkamil S. Saidnazirkhanov, Advisor to the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In this meeting, they discussed energy and storage opportunities with the members of Uzbek’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Neil Moulding commented, “We are delighted to have been invited to tender for the next clean energy storage project and look forward to strengthening ties with a dynamic growth market, further exploring Storelectric’s prospects in Uzbekistan”

Storelectric’s Upcoming Events

We will be speaking at the following:

  • World Energy Storage Day (online), Fri 22nd Sept, 14:30 CET, on stationary storage
  • IEA meeting on long-duration energy storage, Utrecht (Netherlands), Wed 27th Sept
  • Solar and Storage Live, Tue 17th Oct, twice:
    • 11:50 BST: Panellist: How storage can help tackle grid constraints;
    • 15:20 BST: Speaker: Storage enabling hydrogen, synthetics, industry and infrastructure

Press enquiries

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