Long-duration energy storage: get on with it!

On March 13th 2024 the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee published a report detailing the UK’s urgent need for long-duration energy storage. The report offers a comprehensive analysis of how critical long-duration energy storage is for the UK to meet 2035 Net Zero targets.

At Storelectric Ltd, we fully endorse the urgency of the message conveyed in this report, some examples of which you can see pictured here. Long-duration energy storage is pivotal in addressing energy security and advancing the transition towards a sustainable future.

Pictured below is a selection of the conclusions from the report.

Long-duration energy storage report – our written evidence

As active contributors to the long-duration energy storage discussion, Storelectric Ltd was asked to witness the House of Lords report. Our testimony emphasised the urgent need for progress, highlighting that “lead times for financing, building, and commissioning large-scale long-duration storage are significant, necessitating prompt action to meet 2050 emissions targets.”  You can read our written evidence here: An affordable, reliable and resilient energy transition.

Tallat Azad, our Managing Director, gave his comment on the report, further elaborating on the potential of long-duration storage solutions:

“Energy storage in salt caverns using compressed air and hydrogen is already proven in various sites across the globe. In particular, compressed air energy storage (or CAES) can play an important role in the acceleration of long-duration storage either independently or as a complement to hydrogen storage and electrolysis. Repurposing existing salt caverns – which can be done with readily available and off-the-shelf equipment – will greatly speed the transition to a hydrogen economy.”  

Long-duration energy storage report recommendations

 In line with the report’s recommendations, Storelectric strongly advocates for progress towards long-duration energy storage. By supporting CAES initiatives and hydrogen production and storage through the long-duration energy storage business model, the government can effectively drive progress towards a greener, economically viable energy landscape.

You can read the full report, here: Long-duration energy storage: get on with it

Who are Storelectric, House of Lords LDES report witnesses?

Storelectric is a developer of projects and technologies which generate and store green energy – for long durations, at large scale, and at commercially viable costs. Our hydrogen patent and CAES technologies and projects will enable renewables to power the grid.

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