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April News

$13.3bn Invested in Storage Q1 2022 The amount of finance invested into energy storage from all sources continues to rise, reaching $13.3bn …

March News

Energy Security Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the preceding gas price spike, the issue of energy security has at last …

February News

Funding Secured, Subject to Location Storelectric has achieved a breakthrough, with an offer of funding (of course, subject to contract etc.) for …

January News

Storelectric’s Hydrogen Offering Until now, our website has under-sold our hydrogen capabilities, which are strong, including: Hydrogen CAES Hydrogen storage CAES and …

December News

Headlines 1. Balancing Mechanism Costs Soar 2. Consultations on Black Start 3. Storelectric Featured for Data Centres 4. Review of the Year

November News

Headlines 1. COP 26: Challenging, but Challenging Enough? 2. How to Decarbonise at Minimum Cost and Disruption 3. High Profile Exposure: The AI Foundry

October News

Headlines 1. The UK Net Zero Strategy 2. National Grid's Winter Outlook 2021-22 3. Podcast on Flexibility Services 4. Mark's Blog

September News

Headlines 1. Impact initiative of the year: Europe 2. Webinar on Regulatory Requirements 3. Analysis of FES 2021 4. National Digitalisation Strategy

August News

Headlines 1. A torrent of consultations 2. Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan 3. Facilitating the deployment of large-scale and long-duration electricity storage 4. Early Competition 5. Offshore Energy Networks

July News

Headlines 1. National Grid's Future Energy Scenarios 2021 2. Consultations from BEIS 3. Other opportunities 4. Mark's Interview with TechRound 5. Correction 6. Mark's Blog

The current PCI list, on which the CARES project figures, will continue to be valid until Spring 2022. Being entirely in the …

June News

Headlines 1. Funding Strategy 2. International Opportunities 3. Someone is Impersonating Us 4. In the News Again 5. UK Investment Bank